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Why Buy a Trike?

Clawson Motorsports | 06/17/2021

three-wheeled motorcycle offers a unique riding experience that you won’t get on a traditional bike. If you aren’t sure if a trike is for you, keep reading! We’ve created the following guide with all of the benefits of these vehicles. Read on to learn more, and call Clawson Motorsports in Fresno, California for more information. We are proud to serve Modesto too!

A Comfortable Ride

One reason to invest in a trike is the enhanced comfort. Some motorcycles sacrifice rider comfort in favor of speed or style. With a three-wheeled motorcycle, you will be able to build up endurance as you comfortably ride for hours on end! It doesn’t take much physical exertion to control and steer these models, so you can ride for longer without taking a break. The riding position of a trike is also more natural, which is beneficial for those who have back or joint pain.

Increased Safety

Another benefit of riding a trike is the increased safety. The extra wheel adds stability which makes it less likely that your three-wheeled motorcycle will tip over. This extra stability is especially important on windy days or when navigating winding roads.

Trikes are also larger in nature, which makes it easier for other motorists to see you on the road. The increased visibility will help you stay safe!

More Storage Space

Considering three-wheeled motorcycles are bigger than standard bikes, you’ll get more storage space. You’ll be able to pack everything you need for a successful and comfortable trip. Bring along waterproof outerwear, extra snacks, drinking water, and more.

Ride With a Passenger

Trikes are also great for riding with a friend! Many models can accommodate a passenger comfortably. This means you can share the road with a loved one. Having company during a trip can make the time go by faster and they’ll be able to help with navigation too. You won’t feel cramped when you hop on a three-wheeled model!

The Ideal Owner

Still unsure if a trike is for you? The ideal owner is someone who likes long-distance rides. The enhanced storage space, comfortable riding position, and room for a friend makes a trike perfect for hitting the road on a cross country trip. However, a three-wheeled motorcycle can also work just as well for your daily commute. This style of vehicle can accommodate many different lifestyles.

Are you ready to hit the road in a brand new trike? Contact Clawson Motorsports today! We have a great selection of models for sale at our Fresno, California location. We also proudly serve nearby Modesto. Our friendly staff can’t wait to help you find the perfect vehicle for your next great adventure!

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