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Dirt Bike Riding for Beginners

Clawson Motorsports | 06/02/2021

Learning to ride a dirt bike for the first time might feel intimidating. However, Clawson Motorsports can help get you on the right track. If you put in the work when you are in the beginner's stage, you will have a successful future in dirt bike riding. Check out more information when you visit our location in Fresno, California, serving Fresno and Modesto!

Getting Your Dirt Bike Started
The first step in any beginner's course on dirt bike riding is learning how to get the bike started. Before you can start the engine, make sure the battery is on. In warm weather, you will not need to use the choke. However, if you start your bike when it is cold out, you may need to use the choke to warm it up.

To start the engine, follow the manual on your dirt bike to determine what gear to have it in. Once it is in the proper gear position, either kick start the engine or use the electric start on newer bikes.

Shifting and Braking
Learning how to shift gears and to use the brakes are two necessary lessons for beginners. You will want to practice moving between the different gears before you take your first ride. If you are not careful while learning to control the throttle, you may panic and end up ramming into something.

The best tip we can give for braking while riding a dirt bike is to ease into the hand brake. Grabbing the hand brake too hard may result in your dirt bike seizing up dramatically. Stick with the foot brake, which is easier to use for beginners.

Learn How to Crash
Learning to crash a dirt bike is mostly about avoiding injury. Do not put your foot out to brace yourself before a crash. You will also be safer wearing the right gear. Crashing is inevitable, especially for beginners. But you don't want a leg or foot injury to prevent you from practicing!

Use the Correct Riding Position
The trick to success at the beginner's stage is to develop the correct riding position. Instead of sitting back comfortably on the seat as if you were riding a bicycle, lift your butt. Keep your back straight, and stick out your elbows parallel to the handlebars. The ball of your foot should rest on the pegs, and your chin should stick out over the handlebars. This riding position is essential to absorbing the shocks of bumps and uneven trails.

Always consult the manual for your bike or ask questions of our team at Clawson Motorsports. As a beginner, remember that practice and patience are the two best things to keep in mind when you are learning. For more information, visit our location in Fresno, California, serving Fresno and Modesto.

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